Monday, February 14, 2011

Salon Sayings And Phrases

church instead of mommy mother church

The Memorandum of freedom-topic I will not let go. There are indeed good reasons. Finally, I escaped the circumstances, seek to implement the underwriting theologians of the Memorandum of freedom now so urgent and "necessary" in the Catholic Church. Coca-Cola and cheese sandwiches to the "Last Supper", schröckliche Muzak also known as "New Sacred Song," pastors who always recite when the creed actually index and middle finger would cross behind the gown, Flower-Power-Pop-Op events held worship, the spirit of drunks top prelates who with every spiritual epidemic, degree turn of the times, give the same edge, and - yes that is the theme of the day - the mom Church.

's start with the above (lawyers love Schwurbeldeutsch) image. Which again comes from bad vestments, one of my favorite sites .

see Why women in liturgical clothing usually completely stupid? Two reasons:

women tend to manifest, liturgische Kleidung unter dem Begriff Mode einzuordnen. Jede Modetorheit, vor allem die in frommen Kreisen so beliebte Do-it-yourself-, Strick-, Häkel-, und Batikmode, kommt damit verzögerungsfrei in schrecklichen Meßgewändern zum Ausdruck.

Die aus einer langen, schon vorchristlichen Tradition hergeleiteten Meßgewänder sind für Männer gemacht. Eine Albe, eine Kasel, eine Dalmatik passt zu einer männlichen Figur, Männer haben diese Kleidungsstücke und ihre antiken Vorbilder Jahrtausende getragen. Eine Frau in eine Casula - oder was so aussehen soll - gekleidet, und um das Maß des Scheußlichen vollzumachen, noch dazu mit einer Überstola "geziert", ist - ein Transvestit.

Now the spirit of the times it wants so that women "are men" as pastors in the spirit of "equality" (which actually is the good old word "equality" gone?) Of course their will. miss the love evangelical MitbrüderInnen and sisters Erica (including our dear Catholic AlttheologInnen) yes no opportunity to tell us backward Catholics to rub it in that we remain so hopelessly caught up in the middle ages, because we this crucial stage of reform have not gone along.

And against the alleged "priest shortage" so it seems to be a means. Though not really. While there are about one in years want to be more Protestant students preparing for the Lutheran Parish as seminarians, priests, reckoned from the high number of dropouts, but remain in any case less than 200 graduates per year, enough to fill the available positions. And an ever growing proportion is female, in federal funds over 60% in each country churches, especially in the East as much as 80%.

And now logs criticism of this development, which must be regarded as a feminization, Protestant from within its own ranks.
The theologian Friedrich Wilhelm Graf has criticized the quality of Protestant theology student massively. The Protestant Church have too few young theologian, he said Friday in Dresden. This break from the tradition that, for the parish usually admit male students from well educated families. The parish office is becoming a female profession, mostly for students from a nichtakademischem home. More "mom type instead of really intellectually," said the teacher in Munich systematic theologian.
associations you the image of a "cuddle God with simple thoughts." That was in the long run a threat to the development of theology. He hoped not want his grandchildren if he had any, would have to face that female pastors.
The message can not agree entirely. Prof. Dr. Dr. hc Friedrich Wilhelm Graf has determined in his speech, not the grammatically absurd term "theology students" used. But we see in this picture is not our well - save for certain ultra-conservative fringe groups - popular ex-bishop, ex-EKD Council Chair K.? The list of their theological mistakes is indeed legendary, but their ability to take other people for himself by talking to them to hear, too. Degree yesterday she once again walked off with a price.

At the risk that I am committed to my female readers into trouble, is it conceivable that not only the duties of a priest - but for ecclesiological reasons - but also the duties of a priest - a sense of theological reasons - not a women's profession? In any event, not when the pastor is not as social workers, but as a spiritual leader of the community sees as a scientifically educated theologians, whose main function is to preside over the worship, to preach the Gospel and interpret them. Is it perhaps so that the female tendency to pragmatism in any case of this form of exercise of the office of pastor is in the way?

The female "run" on the post of minister of extinction corresponds, significantly, the classic female "role," the deaconess .

A movement has parallels in the Catholic faith. The upsurge in talk about the alleged "male power" in the church, for decades, again and again and again repeated demands for Emannzipation (no, I have not prescribed), the demand for the ordination of women korrrespondiert a collapse of vocations in the female religious . Around 1950 in Germany, nearly 100,000 women belonged to different orders. Today there are around 22,000. 83% of the women religious are over 65

women "conquered" that is, the positions of the "male power" and confirm the Peter Principle . But they are missing where they were urgently needed, in the once "Typically female" professions. For those professions and activities are worth nothing. An absurd result of the "women's liberation", but that was taken up by the devaluation of the feminine ending.

The Evangelical Church in Germany has not only become more and more women pastors, but also a total of five bishops. Four of them are divorced. May be a coincidence. Or not.

"The bishop in the middle looks like a rooster with his hens." Says my love. What I would never dare to say.


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